Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Try-it-out (Wednesday): brighter than the sun

      Kahala silk and linen top, Macy's
cardigan in "Sunspot," Gap Factory Store
necklace, Forever 21

     My mom calls Asian people "Orientals." This is standard practice in Hawaii, particularly among folks of certain generations, but in other parts of the United States, Oriental is reserved as a descriptor for rugs and chicken. ; ) I've tried to break her of the habit, but no luck yet. Anyhow, no matter what name we go by, I've always heard that Asians should avoid yellow because we've already got yellow/sallow undertones. (Click here for an amazingly encyclopedic post on determining your undertone and skin tone. I will admit that after giving this post a quick read and examining the photos ... I still can't name my undertone and skin tone. Does it suffice that I'm confident that bright and jewel tones suit me best?)
      After becoming interested in style and fashion blogs, I changed my mind on the yellow question after seeing so many Asian bloggers rocking various hues of yellow. When my sis and I checked out the Gap Factory Store, I couldn't bypass this yellow cardigan. I thought it would be a great way to add a little sunshine to an outfit and would play well with all of the blue items in my closet.

     Random news: I hope you had a less eventful New Year's Day then we had! The first day of 2013 included one visit to the ER, two trips to the Chinese restaurant (they forgot part of our takeout order the first time), and the realization that the water heater may have gone kaput. Whew. I figure things can only go up from here.
      But back to the clothes: What colors do you suggest I pair with my new yellow cardigan? 


  1. Ooh, I love it! Bright yellow is so cheery, and I love this so much more than mustard. Blues for sure, and emerald greens. Dashes of bright red, but too much can just be too much.

  2. This is exciting..I totally see the yellow cardigan in your spring posts. I can see yellow with fuschia and blue :) Hope the visit to the ER was nothing bad!



  3. Oh my goodness, that's a very eventful New Year's Day! I hope everything is okay.

    And I think you look lovely in yellow. I've never really been able to tell what colors look good on me either. I know I don't like beige or greige, but I can't say for certain if they look bad or if I just find them boring. Probably the latter.

    Anyway, as a lover of yellow, I'm excited to you see embrace it.


  4. I totally did not wear yellow or orange for YEARS because I heard it didn't work for my skin tone. Granted, I am still not sure, but I love both colors now!

    I think your sunny yellow would look great paired with a cobalt blue, or chambray shirt, or some purple (the list can go on and on ...)

  5. Ooh, I like the idea of pairing it with all 3 suggestions! Thanks, Lisa. ;) Orange will be the next color to conquer! :)

  6. Thanks, Gracey! We are all OK. :)

    From what I see on your blog, you have a pretty good eye for the colors that suit you!

    This yellow makes me happy, so I expect that it will become a blog regular. :)

  7. Mai - the oldest member of our family visited the ER for an ailment that was unpleasant but not life-threatening. She's feeling much better. :)
    I LOVE the idea of pairing yellow with fuschia. And combining it with blue is gonna happen for sure. :)

  8. Erin - I've seen so many bloggers swooning over mustard, but it still makes me say meh. The closest I've gotten to wearing mustard is in accessories, and I think it will stay that way.
    Lovely color ideas! I'll have to introduce this cardi to my green dress. I agree with you that out-and-out red can be too much, but a splash of it would be great fun. :)

  9. Hey! Hope you have a happy new year after this eventful new year's day! :)

    I have to admit I don't really own yellow items - I have a yellow patterned dress though and I love to wear it with red. :) With your cardi, I can imagine all sorts of blues and also purples and pinks in a different outfit!

  10. Thanks, Madeline! Things are looking up after that busy New Year's Day. :)

    Great color suggestions - I will definitely need to try them out!


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