Thursday, November 1, 2012

what matters?

    Trina Turk silk top, Nordstrom Rack
petite trouser jeans, Macy's 

      There's nothing like a tsunami warning to remind you of what really matters.
     We live just a few streets outside of the inundation zone, so on Saturday we decided to be on the safe side and seek out higher ground.
     Luckily, we had a few hours before the first wave was scheduled to hit. We packed up the usual things - a change of clothes, water, snacks, cell phone, IDs. I went through my jewelry box and picked out what measly bits of jewelry are actually valuable.  : p
     On the way out the door, I remembered to scoop up Grandpa's urn. We piled our things in the car and then drove off. And then we sat in the car for about 2 hours, in the dark. We declared our own "all clear" at about 11:15 p.m., drove home, and unpacked the car.
     It was a good reminder about the things that matter most. You know all those clothes I babble on about here (including that amazing silk Trina Turk top I'm wearing above, which I stalked through multiple discounts at Nordstrom Rack until it was marked down to $17)? I didn't even think about picking through them quickly. As much as I love my book collection, I didn't take any of those, either. I did take my camera, and I did take my computer, which I used to do homework. (Who knew that this Vaio backlit keyboard would come in handy when you need to kill some time in a dark car?)
     I love stuff. I love abundance. But this was a eloquent reminder that I need a lot less than I think I do. On Monday I was given another reminder that I need to put more energy into gratitude for the abundance I have vs. wanting more. This point was driven home while I gave a classmate a ride. She's from New Jersey, and was in constant contact with her family by cell phone. She said Hurricane Sandy had knocked over a tree next to their house, damaging the third floor, and that she couldn't fathom that some of the beaches and areas she had grown up visiting had been wiped away. While Hawaii has weathered its share of hurricanes, I'm thankful that I haven't experienced anything close to the devastation Sandy has left in her wake.
Yikes, really messy hair ... the opposite of Erin's naturally sexy hair
     Besides your loved ones, pets and practical provisions, what one thing would you take with you if you had to leave your home in a hurry? And what are you grateful for today?

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