Monday, November 26, 2012

(not) dressed for the occasion

dress worn as skirt, Banana Republic Factory
chambray pullover, passed down from mom
Guess watch, gift

     I don't like the neckline or sleeves on this dress, but I do like the print, which makes me think of Egypt for some reason. (Random?) Instead of tossing it into my donation pile, I decided to wear it as a skirt. I ended up wearing leprechaun socks with it for most of the school day, as I had forgotten that we were hosting National Geographic's ginormous traveling map of the Pacific region, and to walk on it everyone was required to wear socks. The kids got a kick out of my socks, at least ... The dress was also probably not the best choice for a day of kneeling down on the map to talk to kids and take pictures, then roll up and pack the map afterwards, but I made it work.
    Oddly, that was the second straight school day in a row that I ended up wearing something that didn't match my outfit at all. However, leprechaun socks beat last Monday's 2X fluorescent safety vest any day ...

My foot = 250 miles. The map covered the library floor.


  1. I like the stacking of your bracelets :) and the print is pretty

  2. Thanks, Kat! I bought those bracelets in a set from HauteLook, intending to split up the set and give them as gifts, but I ended up keeping them all! At least I get a lot of wear out of them - I think they show up in every other blog post. :)


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