Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: red & turquoise

 Calvin Klein top, Macy's
bracelets, InPink and oia jules
earrings, InPink

     These earrings are cute, but goodness, they are poorly designed. This is the wrong kind of hook for an earring of this size/weight -- every time I leaned over, the left one fell out. They were also a little uncomfortable because they felt unbalanced hanging in my ears. While they looked so pretty with the red, I ended up taking them off halfway through the day and putting them in my pocket. :(

      I'm sure it would be a fairly easy task to swap out the hooks for different ones, but I don't have any jewelry crafting know-how. Maybe I can get someone with the proper tools to make the change for me. While I really like my InPink necklace and bracelet, I will think twice about buying their earrings based on my experience with these.


  1. Sorry about your earrings, sugar! If I lived closer/not across the entire US, I'd say just mail them to me to fix, but that would be some $$ postage.

  2. I appreciate the thought, Erin! I think my mom has a co-worker who makes jewelry, so I might see if she can do the fix for me. :)

  3. I do like those accessories :) and that red top looks great too :)


  4. Thanks, Kat! I definitely like the blue with the red. :)


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