Thursday, October 18, 2012


 From just OK ...
... to pulled together!

Kahala silk-linen top and petite trouser jeans, Macy's
JJ Basics cardigan, passed down from E.I.
bracelets: Iolani Palace door hinge; DIY

      Did you ever notice how many good things have names that start with pop? Popcorn, Pop-Tarts, Pop Rocks ... and pop of color. (OK, I just thought of one that isn't so fun - pop quiz - but you get my drift.)
     It was so much fun to take an old favorite (this top) and add a transformative pop of color. I don't know why it never occurred to me to wear it with a red cardigan, but it takes this look from blah to fantastic. The blue and red together make me happy; this hardly-any-ironed-clothes situation is resulting in some great outfits. 
   The idea of limitations being freeing reminds me of "A Wrinkle in Time," and the discussion at the end of how life is like a sonnet -- within a strictly bound form, freedom blooms. I just finished the audiotape, and loved revisiting a childhood favorite. Returning to it so many years later made me realize that the book is a beautiful reflection on growing up and the duty and pleasures of responsibility. I've just started listening to Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising." This was another book that I read and reread as a child, and it's hard to believe, but Cooper's prose is even more gorgeous when read aloud.  

     P.S. - These pictures really don't do this outfit justice - guess I'll just have to wear this outfit again sometime soon, right? :)


  1. I love how we have the same exact treasured YA books! Also, red cardigans can make everything pop!

  2. Pop quiz! Nicely done :) I really liked this post :)

  3. A pop of color always makes an outfit more interesting :) I feel I need to buy more different colored cardigans!

  4. Erin - I know! It's so amazingly strange and delightful that we love so many of the same books. :D I will be revisiting yet another favorite next week. I have to videotape a booktalk, and while I'm not looking forward to being on video, I am SO EXCITED about booktalking Meredith Ann Pierce's "The Darkangel."

  5. Thanks, Katie! :) Only problem is that now I want to eat a Pop-Tart ... I love 'em, but I've tried to cut down because they're basically all sugar and chemical coloring!

  6. Kat - colored and patterned cardigans are great for dressing up an outfit. And they're easy to find at all prices! :)

  7. Ooh, popcorn ... nom nom - anyways, I think that outfit would work with a wide variety of bright/bold colors.

  8. Lisa - good point! I think the top and jeans would make a good canvas for various colors. :)
    I love popcorn, particularly with rice crackers!


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