Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my life in letters

Here's my take on Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes, with some mini-rants thrown in ... 

Dear lady hogging the gym room counter on Friday evening,
     It amazes me that one person can spread her stuff out over a good 6 feet of space. Even more amazing? That my friend and I squeezed our gym bags into the remaining space and you made no effort to even pretend to consolidate your stuff.

Dear case study chapter 3,
     You are going to be an exercise in creativity, as I need to turn you in by Wednesday evening. I have some notes and observations but you definitely will be a work in progress.

Dear alarmingly low driver-side front tire,
    Thank you for hanging in there while I raced around Monday afternoon. I had a field trip to a library, and class right afterwards. I didn't notice you until I was in the library's parking lot, on my way to class. I'm so glad that you held what little air you had until I dropped my classmate off and I got myself to campus. I filled you up on the way home and will be keeping an eye on you.

Dear professor,
     I felt like a wrung-out dishtowel after our midterm presentation, but I am really really thankful that I was able to correctly answer your question about why SpringerLink had  approximately twice as many records as ScienceDirect. You ask great questions and make excellent points, it's just a little nerve-wracking to be front-and-center and have to think on my feet ...

Dear Instagrammers of the world,
     A pic of your bare chest (guys) or your cleavage (girls) does not qualify for the hashtag #ootd. 

Dear scratchy throat,
     The tradewinds have returned to sweep away all that irritating vog, so why are you still here? Please make up your mind about whether you're going to make me sick or not.


  1. I love this post- it's one of my favorite Jimmy Fallon skits, so it makes a great blog post!

  2. Thanks, Katie! That's one of my late-night favorites. :)


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