Wednesday, October 24, 2012

askew & outgamed

  Buttondown, passed down by mom
necklace and DKNY Soho jeans, Macy's
      I saw a picture of Katherine Heigl wearing a Stella & Dot necklace askew in recent issue of In Style magazine. I thought about that photo when I put on this necklace and realized the pretty blue beads were lost behind the collar.

     This looked OK in the mirror, but when I looked at the pictures I realized that the necklace gets lost against the plaid. I will have to retry this look with a solid-colored buttondown.
     A day in the life of a grad student: I have always been a procrastinator. Not a make-up-the-book-report-the-night-before type, but a professional avoider of necessary but not exciting tasks and assignments.
     However, I got outgamed the other day. I have a partner presentation due next Monday, and I e-mailed my partner about quickly meeting before class. She agreed.
     I got there a few minutes before her, so I took out my laptop and pulled up the spreadsheet, screenshots, and documents I had worked hard on all weekend. She arrived and didn't take out any spreadsheet, notes -- nothing. It became clear to me that she hadn't even searched the databases when she asked me how to find the databases.
    Um, this is NOT an assignment to start working on the week before it's due. To be honest, I only got work done in earnest last weekend (so I can't preach much!). It's also true that I'm not working regularly this semester, and she has a job, so I have a lot more time. But for whatever reason, I now feel marvelously well-prepared. Which is strange, but good.


  1. I like the necklace and the bright blue really stands out against your shirt, but I agree, with a different shirt it would probably stand out more. I hope your partners able to find time to do their share. Yikes!

  2. Wow, that is a serious case of procrastination on your partner's case! (I'm sorry, that sort of thing always bugged me to no end on projects, I always ended up preferring to work alone rather than worry about someone else doing their work.)
    I really like the simple peppiness of the patterned top and the white cuffed pants, it's very effortless looking. :)

  3. Katie - the library science program really emphasizes collaboration - they heard from employers that being able to work with others was the skill they desired most in graduates. So that translates to group projects, group projects, group projects ... For this class, the first two projects are group projects, and the final one is individual. :)


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