Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: purple and (just a little) green

       A few Fridays ago, the science experiment was: how quickly does silk dry?
silk top, thrifted, $4.99
petite pencil skirt, CK Outlet

       The school has a vermicomposting bin, and the librarian was training the fifth-graders to feed the worms once a week. I was obviously not dressed for feeding worms, particularly in a steady drizzle. While the kids were the ones who dumped in the broccoli and watermelon, all of us managed to get quite wet.

     I've wanted to pair purple and green for a while, and actually have an outfit that pairs the two colors, but I've chickened out on wearing it in public. So this was a subtle way to try out the color combination.
bracelets: Macy's (very old); jade beetles - gift from CL

 purchased with gift card won in giveaway from Belle de Couture


  1. I love purple and green together. It reminds me of irises and there is no way anything that reminds me of irises can be bad. And, by irises, I mean the flower, not the eye part. Because, yuck.

    Anywho, you look great and I write a lot of nonsense!


  2. I would love to see the purple and green combo :) But this goes well against the black :)


  3. Pretty purple blouse!

  4. Kat - I'll have to wear purple and green sometime on their own. :)

  5. Thanks, Gracey! You write nonsense so winningly. ;)
    And you're right, the purple is reminiscent of irises. :)

  6. Wear the purple and green, Carrie! Be fearless and enjoy what you find lovely. :D

  7. Thanks for the encouragement, Carol! :) I will definitely be wearing purple and green together soon.


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