Monday, August 6, 2012

inspiration Monday: a simple dream

     We are always exhorted to "dream big!" We worry about "settling" and selling ourselves short. Yes, I love a good goal and challenge. But let's not forget the charm of a simple dream.
      I was taking a run/walk in a very nice neighborhood recently, when I heard the unmistakable sound of kids having fun in the water: lots of splashing and giggles. By very nice neighborhood, I mean palatial compounds that loom grandly behind tall walls, mansions with exquisitely landscaped entryways, unobstructed ocean views, sweeping driveways, costly ornamental copper gates swirling with dolphins/waves/palm fronds, and long Hawaiian names proclaimed in iron letters on the stone wall.
      Upon hearing the splashing and laughing, I immediately thought, "kiddie pool." Then I took another look at the carefully maintained landscaping and realized that behind that sturdy stone wall I was more likely to find a stately pool instead of an inflatable piece of rubber filled up with warm water from the garden hose. I had to laugh at myself. I love the good things in life -- and sometimes they come in the humblest forms.
 The inspiration: Katie Holmes

My take: 
 Tommy Hilfiger shirtdress, Macy's
Softspots Ventura sandals, Ross


     While I was taking these photos, a guy scared the bejeebers out of me. I had set the camera on a rock wall along a curving path, so it seemed he appeared out of nowhere. As I snatched up the camera, he said placidly and pleasantly, "Getting some nice pictures?"  I managed to answer, although I think I turned as pink as my shoes. Perhaps that's why I managed to give my booktalk in an extremely calm manner in class right afterwards ... I guess I had used up my blush quota for the day.


  1. haha, sometimes the truth is different than what we imagine sometimes... i try to teach my kids to stay humble... and i love being plesantly surprised at people who are humble. i once met a friend who you would never know was a millionaire... until you went to their house--had a butler and everything.. but in person is the sweetest and most humble person ever. :)

    btw, where is your photo...?

    have a great wk, carrie!
    Adam ❤ Alex Mommy

  2. Thanks, Jasmine. :) I think humility is one of the greatest things we can teach kids, so I'm glad you're focused on that.
    Pics are up. :)

  3. Love your take on the chambray shirt dress! Such a classic :)

  4. This is a great post - I agree that humility is so important, but so is the ability to have a deep and profound understanding of our own worth. Though, that probably goes hand in hand with humility - rejecting our gifts and denying our talents and value are just another form of false pride, after all. And haha, I totally relate to the horrible jolt that comes from having someone witnessing us photographing ourselves. It's a funny/awful thing. :)

  5. You did a fab job. It's blue, it's belted and you have colorful shoes! I would give you an A for your effort for sure.

    Come on over to my place and see what is there for you. My sister Mary and I are doing a blog hop starting tomorrow. See what you think?

    I'm joining yours right now and inviting my sister and a great new blogger Jacqueline!


  6. Haha that would have been freaky to have someone come suddenly into your photo! It's hard to self take photos huh? Love the shirt dress :)

  7. I love your take on the inspiration look. The dress is so cute on you and those shoes are fab! I hate when people catch me taking my outfit photos. So embarrassing! But at least you used up all of your blush before class! :)

  8. Thanks! It's strange that I can spend all day teaching a bunch of kids and not be nervous at all ... but a roomful of adults makes me nervous. :)

  9. Thanks, Kat! Once the fall semester starts, I don't think I'll be taking photos on campus ... there will just be too many people walking around. :)

  10. Thanks, Lisa! I've been wanting a pair of pink/red shoes for a while, and I think these will work out well. :)

  11. Thanks, Renae. Will check out your blog. :)

  12. Carol - "a deep and profound understanding of our own worth" could be a whole 'nother blog post. :) You're right, there needs to be a balance.
    I keep thinking that I need to have a (fake) explanation for why I'm photographing myself ... photo class? 365 project? photo challenge? But then again, I'd probably be so nervous I'd forget my reason!

  13. Thanks, Katie! I'm looking forward to wearing it to work and changing up the accessories. :)

  14. This is an adorable dress, and I love it with these shoes. :)

    -Mary @

  15. Thank you for dropping by, Mary. :)

  16. Love that dress on you - so cute! And those red heels? Fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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