Wednesday, August 29, 2012

first day

     It may sound silly, but I put a lot of deliberation into the outfit I wore for my practicum's first day. I wanted something professional, comfortable, and simple. I wasn't sure about how cold the A/C would be, so I compromised by wearing trousers and a sleeveless top. I added one classic accessory (faux pearl studs) and one contemporary one (my oia jules bracelet).
Alfani top, Macy's
trousers, Banana Republic Factory store
bracelet, giveaway win, oia jules
Front detail and pattern
     Three things I would like to say about my first day: First, Google directions LIED. I ended up backtracking and circling around two times before getting there. Coincidentally, my doctor's office is right up the street, and I recall following his directions and getting there without a hitch. But, I tried finding his web site, and it seems to have disappeared. Urgh. I know there is an exit that will take me right to the school, but I'll have to try different Internet mapping sites ...or maybe even an old-fashioned map.
     Second, I have been fortunate enough to be assigned to work with one of the best librarians I have ever met. By the end of the day, I had seen numerous examples of how she is a valued, respected, contributing member of the school community. I'm also intrigued by the school's STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) focus and the opportunities it provides for collaboration with the library. The campus is already brimming with hydroponics, aquaponics, a veggie garden with eggplants, pumpkins, tomatoes; a greenhouse that will have solar panels; and a budding Hawaiian/Pacific plants garden. When I met the principal, she was eagerly chatting about the possibility of bringing in tadpoles, and part of the library's storage space was in disarray because they're creating a space for science work/experiments. I get the feeling that good things are happening and that the school is full of people willing to grow as teachers to help their students.
      Third, I went home and made myself a mug cake, then took a nap. :)


  1. great detailing on your top
    hope your day went fabulously

  2. I love this outfit! It was perfect for your first day. And I am so happy for you- it sounds like you are going to be at a great place :)

  3. Glad your first day went well! I wish you all the best and hope it's what you're hoping for. I think simple is the best way to go for a professional look! Thanks for the tip, I must try it. I hope it works!

  4. Sounds like a great day despite getting somewhat lost! I also debated over what to wear on my first day. :)

  5. I always say that when I look good, I perform better (at work, for test, presentations.. you name it). You look great! Professional, but still with your personality shining through! Good luck with this new life chapter


  6. Katie - this school is very different from other schools I've worked at, so I'm enjoying being there. And the librarian is top notch!

  7. Thanks, Sherri. I'm having fun at this school. :) I hope one of those tips works for you! It's so irritating to have a cute pair of shoes that cuts into you. I'm particularly curious about the potato tip.

  8. Ashley - I guess the importance of the first-day outfit doesn't change, whether you're the student or teacher. :)

  9. Thank you, Jessica! You're right ... wearing the right outfit can really lead to a lot of confidence. :)


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