Friday, July 13, 2012

three's a crowd? stripes, flowers and dots

  modal tunic (XS), UK Style by French Connection, Sears, ($9)
petite trouser jeans, Style & Co., Macy's
Countess Mara silk tie, Goodwill, $2.99

     I gave myself leave this weekend to wander around Goodwill with $10, and emerged with 3 silk ties, all with good pedigrees -- Saks Fifth Ave., Christian Dior, and Countess Mara. I just might pair up the two navy blue ones to make an obi belt, but I'm undecided. Until then, I'll enjoy them on their own.

     I love this tee - the navy and green (my old favorite color and my new favorite color), the softness of the fabric, and the way it drapes beautifully - it seems to be made for a messy half-tuck. The scoop neck is a bit low, but that can be easily remedied for work with a camisole.  I'm looking forward to pairing it with a skirt for work.

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