Friday, June 22, 2012

purple, poofy, and pencil-skirted

     Life is full of new opportunities to be awkward (yay??!?). Case in point, the university locker room.

Calvin Klein top and pencil skirt, CK outlet

     While I'm sure the locker rooms for the college athletes are better appointed, the offerings are rather grim for us sweaty amateurs.
     Let's talk about the showers. My gym (the YMCA) has private stalls with shower curtains. The university locker room has a big tiled area with stands of shower heads. I'm there early, so I've avoided the weirdness of showering in front of someone else, but these are still the fastest showers I've ever taken. While I'm not one to linger in clouds of steam and torrents of hot water,  I scrub and rinse at warp speed to avoid the possibility of company.
     I mentioned torrents of hot water. Well, I've figured out that while all of the shower stands have hot water faucets, not all of them work. Some of the shower heads are also missing, so I have to check unless I like the idea of rinsing off very slowly by using one tiny jet of water.
    In the end, nothing beats showering at home. ...

     To switch gears -- my camera is baffled by shades of purple, but this shirt really is a deeper, more vibrant purple. I am baffled by the logistics of tweaking one color while using PicMonkey, so you're going to have to use your imagination today.
    Also, this is the first time I've paired these pieces together. I usually wear this top untucked over pants, but that wasn't an option for Jeans-free June. I think I prefer the top loose, as it is a bit too poofy when worn this way. Speaking of Jeans-free June, I can't believe there are only 9 days left! Where did this month go??


  1. I like the silhouette of the shirt tucked in. You are thin, so it gives it a nice, drapey look without adding bulk! Very cute look. And don't remind me that June's almost over! I can't believe it!

  2. It can be awkward showering on front of everyone.

    Love this look!

  3. I love the print of the top :) haha and showering in front of everyone! Totally awkward!

  4. Thanks, Katie! I feel like June 1st was just yesterday. Now I feel that I need to map out the rest of my summer to maximize the fun. :)

  5. Hi Carrie! I'm your CClub pen pal, Emily! I just wanted to comment to tell you that since I am such a bad pen pal, I just mailed out your letter today. Thank you so much for the cute stamp!

    I love the pencil skirt!

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the letter, Emily! :) Glad you liked your little gift. :)


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