Monday, April 30, 2012

happy Monday, vol. 4

3 things that have made me happy lately ... 
1. On Thursday, I had my last history of libraries class. My two other courses finish this week.

2. Taking a three-hour nap on Saturday. It's peak allergy season for me, which means I'm sneezy and tired. I'd like to blame my allergies for my fuzzy brain, too.  (Example: packing my laptop, but not my charger, for a meeting with classmates on Sunday, and forgetting my purse, too!) Given the pile of work I need to finish in the next week or so, I'm not sure how many naps I can squeeze in, but I did enjoy that Saturday one.

3. This pin (which shows characters from nemu*nemu, a cute little webcomic created by Hawaii artists) was a sweet little gift from a classmate on Thursday. I have gotten into the habit of wearing different pins on my cardigans and jackets, and my discussion group members got into the habit of noticing what I was wearing. I've found that pins are the perfect way to add a little whimsy to any outfit.


  1. That's a cute pin...i have same allergy issues too. I can go on sneezing for days. Thank God the only time i don't sneeze is when i am sleeping. Hope you rest well and the allergies will clear soon


  2. I love all three of these things making you happy! Especially finishing classes and the three-hour nap! I need one of those today!

  3. Hope your allergies get better and the end of your semester is great! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  4. Yay for looong naps! I never understand how people can do the "power nap" and lie down for 20 minutes(?!?) Thatʻs just not enough time.

  5. Definitely! I donʻt have kids, but I am already thinking ahead about things Iʻll miss if I ever have children, and naps are on the top of the list. Uninterrupted reading time comes in second. :)


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