Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Try-it-out Tuesday: into the sunshine

     So for this Try-it-out Tuesday, the experimental aspect isn't in the outfit, but in the photos. Look, folks, this is not the usual bedroom wall backdrop! :)
 Unfortunately, my yellow, white and gray animal-print cardi didn't photograph well. Or, more likely, I didn't fiddle with the camera settings enough. It was very sunny at times which is not optimal photo conditions. But I'm happy that I managed to sneak in these photos while taking a walk through one of my favorite gardens. Of course, the one day I decide to sneak some outfit photos, there were TONS of people roaming around -- there was a wedding going on!
In the gazebo

Orchid conservatory
Yellow, gray and white animal-print cardigan (Macy's)
black tank (H&M, old)
Simple leather sneakers (6pm.com)

     Kind of a ho-hum outfit, but I was dressed for traipsing around and taking photos. I scored the sneakers for $16.99 and have been wearing them a lot -- they have arch support, which makes them amazingly comfortable for such a lightweight sneaker.
Spider lily


Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Loved that you managed to take photos outside :) Great work!


  2. The photos are amazing.Love the color of the orchids. Cute outfit too.


  3. Thanks, Kat! One of this year's blog goals was to take photos outside, so this is a good start. :)

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment! :)

  5. I love those flower pictures - so pretty! And I feel like people are always walking by when I'm taking photos - so nerve-wracking. Following you now! :)

    lace, etc.

  6. Thank you :) Nice pictures! I like the outside pictures. I find that pictures look better outside so that's why I do most of mine outside even though it's freezing. haha.

  7. ThreadsAndButtonsMarch 7, 2012 at 1:01 PM

    Oh no, a wedding?! Haha, I hope you weren't too embarrassed! LOVE those beautiful flowers :)

  8. The photos you took turned out gorgeous!

  9. Thanks, Kelley! The wedding was on one side of the garden, so I tried to lurk around the other side ... :)

  10. Sherri -- you're tough! I definitely would not venture out into the snow like you do. :)

  11. Thank you, Preethi! :) I think the photos would come out even more awkward with spectators! :)


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