Monday, February 6, 2012

February Freeze, vol. 2: stalking pays off

     I love silk, especially silk with colorful pretty prints, but I love a bargain more.
  Trina Turk top (Nordstrom Rack)
      Red cardigan (JJ Basics, previously loved)
      Amrita Singh "Marion" earrings (HauteLook)
      6-strand red lucite bead necklace (eBay)
      Tweed jacket, FCUK for Sears (gifted)
Cheesy dating/flirting books (gifted - thanks, Sis!)

     Therefore, I stalked this shirt at Nordstrom Rack, waiting patiently for the price to drop and keeping my fingers crossed that no one would snap it up in my size. At last, the price tag sprouted a 65% off sticker, and I ended up paying a grand total of $17.
     (Cue upbeat romantic music, as Carrie and her silk shirt dance out of the store).
     One of my favorite kinds of love stories. :)

     I love silk, but at the same time I don't wear my silk shirts enough. I think they're a little too fancy, but then it's heartbreaking that they just hang in the closet while the T-shirts get to have all the fun.
     From the topic of stalking, it's a short hop to thoughts of Valentine's Day (or is that just me?) -- which is what inspired me to add a red cardigan for some pink and red fun.



  1. Love the silk shirt and with the red goes well together :) Hhaha to the cheesy book!

  2. Thanks, Kat! I really like the red and pink together. :)


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