Friday, January 27, 2012

size it up: FCUK for Sears blazer

   I honestly can't remember the last time I bought clothes from Sear's (sorry, does that sound snobby?) But I stopped by the other day and this blazer caught my eye.

     NOTE: I wasn't quite sure how to review the fit of a blazer, so I turned to the queen of blazers -- Kelly of Alterations Needed. I read through a bunch of her blazer reviews to get an idea of what I should be looking at, fit-wise. 
     SIZE: 2. There were a few random petite sizes mixed in with the regular sizes, but I didn't get a chance to try on a petite version.
     FIT: I like the longer front and higher-cut back of this blazer -- it makes it look a little different. It has a bit of an extended shoulder (I don't know what it's really called, but when you feel the edge of the shoulder, there's a bit of padding). For my size, I have fairly broad shoulders, so I'm usually leery of anything that adds to this area. However,  this doesn't make me look like I play football, so it's OK. :)
      As this is a regular size, the sleeves are long. Getting the sleeves altered would just about eliminate the 4 (fake) cuff buttons. I could also cuff the sleeves.
      I'm always looking for items that define my waist, and this blazer does a pretty good job -- particularly when buttoned, it falls right at my natural waist.

     QUALITY: I'm the first to admit that I'm not familiar with the higher-end, much-touted brands for suiting, such as Theory, J. Crew, or Ann Taylor, so my judgments in this area are not based on extensive (or, any) knowledge. However, I think the jacket has a nice weight, and the fabric seems substantial.
Look at how it nips in at the waist!
      WARDROBE VALUE? I purchased this Mom generously picked this up for me for $27.99 (original price: $88).  I can see myself wearing this blazer over dresses,  my favorite graphic tees, or dressier blouses. It would replace my thrifted Laura Ashley blazer, which has served me well but doesn't measure up in the fit department. (I wear it out of desperation for a warm layer when I go to class, but I tried taking photos of it once and they was so horrendous that I never posted them).
Cuffing = more room for bracelets! :)
     POSSIBLE ALTERATIONS: I might get the sleeves hemmed, but for now I'll leave them as is and wear it cuffed. It might also be nice to replace the plastic button with something just a little fancier.
What do you think of the fit, and this blazer in general? I'd love to hear your honest opinion.


  1. I like the cuffed look of the blazer. But rolled down I think the sleeves are too long.

  2. I love the back of your blazer. The style looks great on you! It's different and defines your waist from behind, too. I'd probably tuck my top in on the back, too, to highlight the shorter length. I'm a huge fan of cuffing blazers for a more casual vibe. It looks more feminine, too, to show some arm (and arm candy)!! I would probably try on a petite size if you want a more fitted look.

  3. Loving the blazer! I think it fits great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Good point about the back - I will definitely make sure to tuck. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Van. :)

  5. Yes, definitely going to stick to cuffing it for now. :)

  6. Thank you, Annie! I was so excited to find something that fits well and is affordable. :)

  7. i really like the cut of it! the back detail is especially cool.

    dash dot dotty

  8. I love your blazer. SO CUTE! fits you perfectly.

  9. Love the blazer?! I love how its longer in the front and shorter in thge back. Too cute!


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