Friday, January 20, 2012

little victories: a hint of mustard

    During my history of libraries class last night, we were having a discussion when I heard: click, snip, click. At first I thought I was imagining things, so I tried to ignore it, but the sound continued. I surreptitiously examined my fellow students. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. Then, I noticed the girl in the front row. She was partially blocked from my view by the second row, but from her posture I guessed she had a foot on her  knee. It dawned on me that the click, snip, click was her trimming her toenails.
    Now, I have no problem with someone unobtrusively trimming a fingernail that just broke, then putting the clipper away (and disposing of the nail in the trash can, of course). But this was a full-scale personal grooming. And did I mention that the professor was sitting right across from her? And given that it's a graduate class, it's not like those huge 150-student undergrad lecture classes they hold in a mini auditorium. There are probably 23 students, tops, in a rather cozy room.
    I'm sure you know that there are many stereotypes about librarians, ranging from the buttoned-up-but-actually-sexy librarian, to the weird but smart computer lover, to the obsessively tidy, patron-shushing fuddy-duddy who patrols the shelves.
    I wanted to tell my personal-grooming-obsessed colleague: "Help a fellow librarian out!! Stop perpetuating the idea that we are weeeird."
    Anyhow, but you're not here for weird anecdotes, are you? Here's what I wore yesterday: my new eBay necklace!

     Since I started blogging, I've seen so many people wearing mustard and looking fantastic. I've avoided the color because I figure with my skin tone, I've got enough yellow going on.
    I took my inspiration for this outfit from two sources: I decided on a navy buttondown because Megan of Feathers & Freckles recently showed how pretty mustard and navy look together. My second source of inspiration was Elaine of Clothed Much -- she always rocks the necklace-over-the-buttondown look.
All buttoned up - hey, where'd my neck go?

    I was elated when my ever-stylish cousin K commented on how much she liked the necklace and how well it went with the navy. :) Little victory #1.
    Just last weekend, I  saw a very similar-looking necklace (in reds and pinks) at Macy's, checked the price tag, and it was a whopping $28! I think the colors of this necklace fit better with the colors I usually wear, and the panels are just the right size -- the Macy's one seemed like it would be overwhelmingly large. Scoring something on-trend via eBay instead of paying lots more at the department store? Little victory #2.


  1. Um! Um! Um! EW! That's worse than me finding someones CHEWED up toenails (WAYYYY too big to be fingernails) on the church pew. People are weird, right? LOL

    Okay, so mustard. I love the color. I think it can be paired with virtually ANY color: black, fuschia, purple, blue, Kelly green. The list seems endless.

    I think your necklace has alot of pizzazz; it's fun! I also like how your necklace accents your collar.


    More Modern Modesty

  2. Chandra - the original title of this post was "at least she didn't use her teeth." I think the chewed-up toenails beat my story for the eww factor. :)
    Thanks for the color suggestions! I'm looking forward to wearing my necklace with different colors.

  3. Great score with the necklace! It does give you hints of mustard with that navy top :) Ebay is the way to go! and I can't believe that happened in a classroom? Tho I have heard that people do that on trains..

  4. I love this necklace, the colours are so pretty together. Also what a weirdo...personal grooming? ewwww

  5. Thanks, Katherine! I just don't know why people think cutting their toenails is acceptable in public? : p

  6. Thanks, Bessie! I'm surprised the professor didn't say anything -- when I had my own classroom, I would not have hesitated to correct a student about that kind of behavior. Then again, I taught elementary school, and maybe college professors hesitate about that kind of thing.

  7. the necklace over the shirt looks so COOL! and scoring it for cheap is definitely a victory!

    dash dot dotty

  8. OMG! I can't believe that girl trimmed her toenails in class! So grossed out!

    And do try more mustard! It's a more saturated tone of yellow, so it goes better with more skintones. My skintone is pretty yellow too, and mustard works fabulously, while brighter yellows are ick!

  9. That is totally weird- I think clipping your nails in public is a no-no!

    Also, love your necklace- it is so pretty!

  10. 1. That is so weird and totally rude! I had a guy in my class that used to take out his comb and brush his hair in the middle of class. I thought that was odd, but this is way worse!
    2. That necklace is fantastic!

  11. Thanks, Kelly! I'm looking forward to expanding my color horizons. :)

  12. Thanks, Dotty! I can't resist a good bargain. :)

  13. Thanks, Nnenna! Yes, pretty sure that's a no-no in public! :)

  14. I pretty much had zero yellow in my life before blogging - like you, I never thought it would work with my skin tone. Nowadays ...

    I can't believe that student of yours! Never mind she was doing that in public at all, but during class?! Did she think she had stealth clippers or something?!

  15. LOVE that necklace! Very cute style and blog.


  16. Haha - stealth clippers! You know that someone, somewhere, is thinking that would be a great product ... watch for the informercial soon ... :)


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