Sunday, October 2, 2011


      On my way home from class on Friday, I was thinking about how I'm actually OK with working with the clothes I've got. One, it keeps my wallet happy, and two, it encourages me to find ways to get some real use out of what I do own.
     Then I got home ... and was thrilled to find a bag full of hand-me-down clothes from a family friend. It felt like Christmas!! Does that make me a hypocrite?
     I found quite a few interesting items that I can use, including a red cardigan, a mint-and-white striped T, a navy buttondown, and a robin's-egg-blue cardigan. Yay for color!
     I think I need to find a better word than "hand-me-down," because it always makes me think of a kid flopping around in a too-big shirt with jeans rolled up 7 times. It's not thrifted or gifted, or upcycled either. The only alternative I can think of is "new to me." Any suggestions??
     I'm excited about working these colorful additions into my outfits!


  1. oooh, the cardigans sound amazing -- red and robin-egg blue?!! can't wait to see how you style everything!

    cute & little

  2. Thanks, Kileen! They will add some much-needed color to my wardrobe. :)

  3. Yes, I totally agree :D I'm excited to see how you style everything.
    Beautiful colors.
    I would say swapped or new to me or previously worn/loved. I like the last one best. :D
    I love... hand me downs! haha!

    I Can Be Many Things

  4. Previously worn/loved is my favorite. :)


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