Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY: dyeing project?

I saw this tee here (click to see some fun pattern mixing!), and thought it was such a great take on one of my big loves: STRIPES.
However, I'm not loving the hefty price tag. I wonder whether this could be a DIY? I've never dyed anything before -- any dye experts out there with some advice on whether this is doable, and tips on how to do it?
P.S.: Found a tutorial here that looks promising.
Another tutorial from Rit here


  1. This striped tee is SO cute! I would love to know if this could be DIYed! :)

    starcrossedsmile knits
    star-crossed smile

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Nnenna! I'll be adding promising tutorials to the original post as I find them.
    And if I get brave and decide to sacrifice one of my current striped tees to the dye gods, I will post my results ... :)

  3. I know nothing about DIY anything, but that top is gorgeous!

  4. I haven't tye dyed anything before. But this tee looks cute :)

  5. Thanks, Lisa and katattack! :) I'm not very crafty but I'm so tempted to give this a try.

  6. I like that Madewell shirt, too. I've not dyed anything yet, but I know watercolor. Dip dying seems very similar, only instead of paper, it's fabric. What can go wrong, right? Hah. Also after looking at many tutorials, it doesn't seem complicated. Just messy. To dip dye a dark colored shirt, you'd have to bleach it first (ever so briefly). Wash and let dry and then dip it in your color dye of choice (looks like pink for Madewell). The intensity of color depends on how long you have the shirt in the dye solution. Seems to me a light colored top would be easier.

    Okay... I'm inching closer to trying this now. :)

  7. Van - I would never have thought about using bleach, but it makes sense. This is going to be my December DIY project once the semester ends. I hope you share your results if you do try it out!


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