Wednesday, September 28, 2011

simple as it should be

    It's a little strange to be a full-time student again! It's also a little disconcerting how much work is involved -- reading, note-taking, re-reading, research. I couldn't even tell you how much time I've spent fumbling my way through various databases, looking for the answers to infernal assignments.
     Monday was showtime for one of my database classes. We needed to present our group project. This outfit is a little ho-hum, but I felt comfortable and that's always important when you're on the hot seat!

DKNY Jeans top (XS); same old jeans
Shell earrings (New Zealand)

     While working on my teaching degree, I was very fortunate to be able to visit New Zealand to attend an indigenous education conference. I like these shell earrings, but I wish I had gotten some of the more expensive, higher-quality, intricately carved ones I longed for but didn't buy. (Note to self: when traveling -- if you love it, just get it!)
     What is something awesome that you've picked up on your travels? :)
     P.S.: This post is named for Tristan Prettyman's song, which is one of my absolute favorites. Check out YouTube to hear it ...


  1. Body

    I think the things that you bring back from holidays are always treasured because they always have memories attached to them. One of my fave things is this cute little japanese doll that doesn't fall when you push it over and I always love buying food and clothes overseas! haha

  2. @katattack - :) especially the food! I'll admit to bringing home some candy bars/snacks from my New Zealand trip.


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