Friday, September 30, 2011

the elusive white T

     It's so hard to find that perfect white T. I've been looking for one for a while. Many of them are so thin I'd need to layer it over a camisole. Given the perpetually warm weather, that didn't sound very appealing. Another issue is the fit; I want something that isn't too clingy or too baggy and shapeless.
     This is not the perfect white T, but I did get it for $5.99. The perfect price if you're like me and worry about dripping gravy/spaghetti sauce/other delicious things on your white shirts. I have to admit that it came from the girl's department at Target, because I'm not in love with most of the longer-cut women's Ts out there (I could literally stretch some of them to my knees). After wearing it, I wish I had sized down and bought a large vs. an extra-large. I might just have to set it up on a hot date with my dryer this weekend and see what happens fit-wise.
     To spice up my white tee, I layered two necklaces -- a first for me. The white one is carved of bone and depicts a manaia. In Maori culture, the manaia is often depicted as a bird-headed man, and is a messenger between the earthly and spirit worlds. When depicted as the figure-eight-like shape seen here, it is an amulet against evil. (Information courtesy of Wikipedia). Incidentally, the Mr. dislikes these necklaces -- I think he finds the leather cord too masculine. But I still like them.
     I picked up the Volcom jacket a few months back, but it's been too hot to even consider wearing it. I like that it has a drawstring to define the waist, a zipper and snaps, and can be worn as a shirt or jacket. Oh, and it's a linen-cotton blend, which means linen-like look and feel with less ironing. (Sorry, no detail photos because I'm still waiting for my new camera battery charger). :(
         I realize that this jacket would look so much better if I had bothered to roll the sleeves up before taking this photo ...
        Happy weekend!


  1. Yes the search for the white t-shirt~ i think i haven't found one that I totally love as well :) Good luck on the search

  2. Totally agree with the white tee search. It's nearly impossible to find the perfect one that isn't see through! You look okay with yours though! Sometimes the oversized look works! But ah, the search continues!

    I Can Be Many Things

  3. @katattack and Courtney -- I'll keep you posted if I find one I love! :)


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