Wednesday, January 18, 2012

eau de omelet

   My cherished cold weather has vanished, leaving behind ultra-humid, sticky weather and dour gray skies. :( It was so hot Tuesday morning that I needed to sit in front of the fan to finish my bowl of oatmeal without overheating. It's definitely not as bad as the humidity I experienced when visiting India a few years ago, but nevertheless an unwelcome change from the cool tradewinds we usually enjoy.
    My teacher friend invited me to assist with her reading class on Tuesday -- they had read a story about dinosaurs having a brunch, and they were making omelets to extend the activity in a fun way (and squeeze in some procedural writing). I read two of the groups a related story while my friend and her co-teacher presided over the butane burners and helped the other students make omelets. The warm weather made the skirt a smart choice, and I couldn't resist the cheerful red to brighten up a glum-looking day. The kids were polite and enthusiastic, and I had fun. The only problem? My clothes and I smelled like omelet after that.
 Ralph Lauren buttondown (Macy's)
CK pencil skirt (from outlet)
Forever 21 leatherette navy & green belt
    My favorite part of this outfit is the green belt. I saw my friend take a good look at it, then she didn't say anything. She was either thinking, weird -- doesn't Carrie know red and green is only for Christmas?!??, or, she was awed by my fun sense of color and temporarily speechless. :D
   The long weekend has thrown off my schedule, but I'm planning the usual Try-it-out post for this week. One of my (as yet unstated) goals for this blog in 2012 is to bump up the accessorizing by taking more outfit photos that feature purses. (Only happened once in 2011, so things can only improve!) This week I'll be building an outfit around a purse I received as a Christmas gift from my friend R. I love having friends who remember what you need (in this case, a clutch purse), then get it for you for Christmas ... I don't have that talent, but I do admire it in others!  ; )


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